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Should I buy a 582n from karoo


Hi All,

I currently have the utter rubbish (for port opening and general setup) 585 v7 router.  I'm having problems online gaming (nat type, and port forwarding).  I've even applied the Nat patch, which helped, my nat is now sometimes open, but often strict (I have to turn the router off and on a couple of times to get nat open, every time I play)  A friend of mine has the 582N, which apparently karoo are now supplying as standard.  He has no problems at all with online gaming.

So my question is, should I buy a 582n from karoo (47ish) or is there a better option?

Its annoying because, if there was an alternative ISP, I could just switch and get a new router.



i got same router as you and had no problems

I have same Thompson router, and have no problems.

However, i did have one in the past which affected my online gaming NAT, even after applying the patch.

It was all to do with my Xbox being set a static IP. (Manual IP in network settings)

When I changed it to automatic, it worked fine - OPEN NAT.

So it's worth checking yours, and seeing if this is the problem.

Yeah, it seems really odd that the NAT is open, then I'll go online later that day and then its strict.  I've set my PS3 to have a static IP so it shouldn't be that causing the problem.  I don't know why KC use Thompson, every one has been rubbish.  Netgears are way better and more customisable, maybe I'll get one for chrimbo.



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