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KC - Cheeky *insert obscene word*
« on: March 09, 2012, 04:35:43 PM »
Well, needless to say i am very very annoyed, heres the low down;

rang them up for my mother to switch her to the ADSL2 bundle as she has a split service, was told to pay a certain amount over the phone to pay off the last bill and the switch over to the bundle would be completed within 5 days.

well they was supposed to have cancelled the old direct debit but it was to late after being assured it wasn't, and it took money from her bank account. she rang and they explained which was all fine.

now this part is what has annoyed me, apparently they didnt return it after she had rang to arrange it, they said this ''You were going to be direct debited on the 22nd so we thought we'd keep it on your account instead'' how dare they? when they agreed to an arrangement and the fact the new bundle is supposed to come out from the 1st of everymonth not the 22nd, when my mother explained they have no choice because it's her money the woman on the end of the phone became snotty, rude about the situation.

Anyone got any tips about what my mother should do? i recommended she phone back, hopefully getting through to someone else and telling them and reporting the woman.

kind regards,

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